Stroke Awareness Month May 2018


Make May Purple/ Action on Stroke

Make May Purple/Action On stroke Month 2018 runs throughout May and is an annual awareness event arranged by the stroke Association.  The month is to raise awareness of strokes and their impact on sufferes and their friends and families as well as educating the general public on the signs and symptoms of strokes.

The main theme of the month is wearing purple to raise sponsorship for the stroke Association's work.

A stroke is an attack on the brain, it happens when blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, causing death of that part of the brain, the effects of the stroke vary depending on which part of the brain is affected and how severe the stroke is.  Stokes can also cause a bleed on the brain.

The stroke Association's Awareness Month raises vital funds for the stroke Association to provide support to sufferes and to get information into the community.

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